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Are you looking for a licensed professional safe technician to open your malfunctioning safe?  Do not trust your safe opening to just any locksmith, a properly trained and equipped safe technician can successfully open and repair your safe leaving little to no trace.  Our highly trained technicians will first attempt to open your safe thru diagnostic dialing or manipulation.  Many times we are able to open your safe without the need to drill the safe body. A common locksmith might destroy your safe and still not successfully open the container.  Having been in the security industry since 1960 we have seen what the common locksmith can do to your high end safe.  In fact local locksmiths contract with us to open safes for them.  We have the tools to open and repair your safe using techniques authorized by the safe manufacture.

Our uniformed safe technicians are fully insured and licensed by the state of California (LOC 5425).  We arrive on time and always leave the job site clean and free of debris.

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